“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, they say, but we all somehow tend to do exactly this. And even when we’re not judging an actual book by its cover, we always like to see nice things which we will furthermore experience to a much greater detail. Sex is just the same, and gays know that. You can be a classy guy in the streets and a sexy beast in the sheets, but what about in between? This is why underwear is extremely important – not only can it make or break any foreplay and make the whole night much more magical and sexier, but it’s also very important to feel comfortable and sexy while wearing it, regardless of whether you will be taking your jeans off or not. This is why every gay guy should have different types of underwear, so make sure to check the list below and purchase the ones that you don’t own!


1. The sexy jockstrap

Even though the jockstrap is a must for every bottom gay guy, you don’t really need to be one in order to own a pair, as a jockstrap looks sexy on any guy with a good butt. Perhaps you won’t believe it, but the first jockstrap was invented in 1847 for the male bicycle messengers working in Boston – so yes, this kind of underwear was indeed invented for riding! The good thing is that you get to choose among a plethora of options, but it’s also very important to choose some good examples, such as Avaj jockstraps, that are always very fashionable, comfortable and look quite sexy.


2. The classic boxers

In the breaks of feeling and acting sexy, you definitely need a pair of underwear that makes you feel the most comfortable. One of the best options is boxers, with practically every guy wearing a pair at this very moment. Surely, they are almost always comfortable (except for the cases of poor-quality boxers that simply don’t feel good on the skin), but the feeling could be more enhanced by getting bamboo boxers such as the ones from Boody that are also fashionable and high-quality. Bamboo is one of the few fabrics that are always soft on the skin, and cause no irritations, and we definitely don’t want any irritations or redness around our little friend, now, do we?


3. The long johns

Let’s focus on the fact that winter is approaching, so what will you do to stay warm? One great solution is purchasing a pair or two of long johns, or thermals as they are also known as. You’re not too young to find them ridiculous anymore, and after you try them at least once, you will never go back. As far as thermals are concerned, their main goal is to keep you warm during the cold months of the year, so you definitely want something that’s made out of the best materials that will help you achieve just that without actually boiling any of your gentleman parts. Tani USA has a great collection of thermals that you might want to check out if you’re thinking of buying a pair!


4. The romantic briefs

Briefs are definitely something that every guy should have in his closet, gay or straight (or bi, for that matter). Now, the important thing you need to pay attention to when briefs are concerned is that they are made of the best materials, and also that they look quite representative. Do you know how many great Instagram photos you can take with just one pair of pretty briefs? If this is something that you want, then mind the Bluebuck briefs as they are perfect for this occasion.


5. The edgy thong

If a jockstrap is just a regular piece of clothing to you and you want to go bolder and edgier, then you should consider getting yourself a nice pair of thongs. Many gays find thongs ultra-sexy, on both tops and bottoms, so why not read the reviews of many high-quality pairs from Underwear Expert, for example? There are so many different kinds to choose from, so getting yourself just a pair might be quite a challenging task.


Now, there will be times when you will have no underwear under your jeans as that can be quite sexy at times, but let’s be honest – comfort really does come first. So having these five kinds of underwear is a must, especially if you’re a gay guy, as you will get to use all of them at least once. After all, why not spice up your sex life with thongs or jockstraps if you can?

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