At age 11, Desmond Is Amazing already has a great career in drag.

He has won the Marsha P Johnson Award at NYC Pride and danced in a Jinkx Monsoon video.

Earlier this year, he participated in a Fashion Show organized by Gays Against Guns to draw attention to gun violence in the U.S. This drew the ire of the far-right website Red State, which ran a piece to ridicule him for being a drag queen.

“That’s right — sometimes it isn’t enough to slap on some rouge, top yourself with a daffodil wig, and pull on a pleather polka-dotted sequined v-neck tapered blousy netted metallic backless cocktail dress; sometimes ya gotta rage against the 2nd Amendment,” the article read.

Desmond Is Amazing took to Instagram to respond.

First, he noted that the Red State article is mostly a list of Desmond’s accomplishments, told with a sarcastic tone.

“I’ve done ALL of those things and I’m grateful for the recognition,” Desmond wrote.

He then called Red State “a sad bunch of adults who have nothing better to do than bully a child, call them names, and make up sexual scenarios about them.”

Gay kids his age are generally aware of the hatred they’ll face because of their sexuality, but few can respond like he does.

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Victor van der Meer

Founder & Director of My Rainbow Net Pty. Ltd.

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