Above & Beyond a Joke

Above & Beyond;
Over & Above;
Beyond a Joke.

& more to the point: how long has this been going on???

Back in 2007, I tried to work out why the police state was insisting so dogmatically on policing techniques that, even back then, had already been shown to exacerbate rather than reduce the harms associated with the consumption of psychoactive drugs.

I could only conclude that the police and their state operatives were completely uninterested in regulating a market that their actions actually maintain and reproduce as dodgy and dangerous, realistically, at all. That would defeat the point.

The drug dog now serves as a shitty mick pretext to produce anyone who fails to tow the state line on ‘drugs’ as deviates… and punish young people for socialising en masse at all.

Fuck them; fuck the politicians who allow this to take place; fuck those sections of the public that support such blatant abuses of rational authority; and fuck the dumb-assed officers that swallow the bullshit ideology they get served up from their ‘superiors’ whole.

Above & Beyond & Pretty Much completely Over it All….

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“Despite all of this, the NSW Police Force published a statement on its Facebook page yesterday warning that ticket holder to this weekend’s Above and Beyond music festival will be refused entry to the event if they are the subject of a positive indication, regardless of whether drugs are found. The police statement The post reads as follows: “Police are warning patrons attending the ‘Above and Beyond’ music festival at Sydney this weekend that drug detection dogs will be at the venue. The event will run from 6pm until midnight on Saturday (9 June 2018), at the Sydney Showground. Police warn that drug detection dogs will patrol the venue and can detect the presence of prohibited drugs or someone who has recently had drugs on them. If a dog makes an indication you will be denied entry. South West Metropolitan Region Commander, Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell said the message from police is simple – don’t bring prohibited drugs to the event. “These dance parties can be a dangerous environment, particularly when alcohol and illegal drugs are involved. “We all know there is no quality control in the production of illicit drugs and you are putting your life at risk. “Police will exclude any person from the venue that the drug dog indicates has or who has recently had drugs on them, regardless of whether drugs are located. “Quite simply, if you handle or use drugs you will not be permitted to remain at the venue. “We encourage young people to come along and enjoy the event, we don’t want bad behaviour to spoil the atmosphere or create an unsafe environment. “Poor choices can have serious consequences and we urge all people attending this festival to remain safe, look after your friends, and don’t risk your health or your good reputation”.

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