Bride & Prejudice: Father fears his daughter will ‘go to hell’ for marrying her girlfriend.

Pull out your bag of popcorn and get yourself comfortable because six loved-up couples, who believe they have found their soul mates, are desperately trying to convince their families they have found the one. Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings follows last year’s inaugural season which tackled race, religion and sexual orientation and the familial bigotry that couples faced as they made their way to the alter.

Same-sex couple Ange (right) and Dylan (left) are facing a backlash from Ange’s father, who is a conservative Christian. Ange’s father John is a conservative Christian who believes being gay is a ‘sin’ and is strongly against his daughter getting married to another woman.

Homophobic: John (pictured) believes that homosexuality is a sin and fears his daughter will ‘go to hell’ by entering into a lesbian marriage.

A promo clip shows John facing off against Dylan and expressing his disapproval.

‘This ludicrous idea is not only going to take you to hell, but also my daughter!’ he rages.

Bride & Prejudice (also known as Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings) is an Australian reality dating television show which premiered on the Seven Network on 30 January 2017. The series is an adaptation of an American program of the same name which debuted in 2016.”Bride & Prejudice” tackles race, religion, and sexual orientation by detailing familial bigotry that couples face as they prepare to get married.

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