Downs Gunn’ eight-year-old son walked her down the aisle and acted as her best man for the wedding.

‘I feel overjoyed to have found someone to share life’s adventures,’ Downs Gunn said.

‘The wedding was beautiful and special, but it was really just the beginning of our life together. I’m so lucky to have a wife who fills even small, everyday moments with great joy.’

The proposal

Downs Gunn first proposed to Jones during a family holiday to the UK over Christmas, but then Jones prepared her own proposal. Jones recreated their first date entirely out of legos and included a box with an engagement ring.

Bot Downs Gunn and her son love legos with the boy giving his approval to the proposal, calling it ‘cool’.

‘Deidre is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, both inside and out,’ Jones said in a statement. ”

‘I have no doubt she will continue to be a role model to so many, especially to young women who can look to her and see that regardless of who they love, they can be beautiful, intelligent, and confident in their own skin.’

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