Home And Away teens Ty and Ryder share a same-sex kiss…

Actor Darius Williams has been keeping a secret but he’s finally able to tell the world, he’s playing Home and Away‘s long awaited new gay character Ty.

Ty (Darius Williams) leaned in to give his friend Ryder (Lukas Radovich) a kiss on the lips after admitting that he ‘likes’ him, prompting Ryder to pull away in confusion. ‘ The scene is significant for the fact that in 2009 a same-sex kiss between two girls was edited out before ever being broadcast, after newspapers whipped it up into a media frenzy.

Home and Away aired the a same-sex kiss last night 18/6/2017.

“I like you, Ryder,” Ty said.
“I like you too, man. You’re the best!” Ryder replied.
“You mean that?” Ty asked as he leaned in for the smooch.

But Ryder deflected the move telling his friend saying, “I… I didn’t mean…,” prompting Ty to run off, embarrassed.

Raffy is feeling left in the dark as Ryder protects Ty’s secret. Ty is not coping with his sexuality and runs away.

The soap opera has been criticised for having a lack of gay characters over their 30 year history. The scene is significant for the fact that in 2009 nervous Seven execs got cold feet over a same-sex kiss between Charlie (Esther Anderson) and Joey (Kate Bell), both several years older.

It was edited out before ever being broadcast after newspapers whipped it up into a media frenzy.

However, Darius’ stay in the long-running soap is expected to be brief as he has signed up for a six-week guest role.

Former Neighbours star Ashleigh Brewer is also joining the scenes as policewoman Chelsea Campbell for six months.

The storyline shortly follows Australia voting for same sex marriage in a national plebiscite, with the unions officially being legalised in Australia in December.

Home and Away star Ray Meagher, who has played Alf Stewart in the soap for 29 years, teased the introduction of a gay character in February earlier this year.

The Ty-Raffy Relationship

The minor romantic relationship between Ty Anderson and Raffy Morrison. They met at the house of John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers’s house, where Raffy lives and when Ty arrives to live with them. The two didn’t get along at first when Ty was rude towards John and Marilyn. After a few fights, Ty and Raffy bond and start a friendly relationship. They start to smitten with each other after Ty defends Raffy from bullies at school.

Ty and Raffy argue again when he refuse to let her listen to his music. The next day, they made peace. While hanging out with Ryder, Ryder noticed that Ty has feelings for Raffy. When he arrived home, Ty let Raffy listen to his music. She tells him that it’s amazing. While Raffy listened to another song with her eyes closed, Ty kisses her before they were walked in on John and Raffy’s brother Justin Morgan, who took Raffy back home with him.

Ty felt ashamed of screwing things for Raffy and he later gets a text from Raffy to meet him at the beach and he goes there to see her, where they kissed again. This was the start of their relationship, which has to be kept secret. They continue to spend time together and while spending time alone behind a boat, Raffy asked him if she’s his girlfriend and he says yes only if she wants him and she says yes and they start a relationship.


Some LGBT youth are more likely than their heterosexual peers to experience negative health and life outcomes. These children simultaneously confront multiple barriers to effective learning, stemming from race, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and socio-economic status. It is important that at-risk LGBT youth have access to resources and support to deal with the questions and challenges they may face as they mature.

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