Do you want to make money blogging? If you do – you’re not alone.

Whether it’s just earning a few extra dollars a month, or make enough money to make a full time living from blogging – there are tens of thousands of bloggers who make money by blogging.

Can anyone make money blogging?

 If you are able to make content that is interesting enough for readers to want to come back again, then the answer is “Yes”!

Blogging requires some sort of creative skill, people won’t naturally find you if you don’t put yourself out there. A blog is really about building a relationship with your readers. If you aren’t able to catch any readers for your blog, that means no traffic and no money to be made. There are a few things you need before you start making money blogging.

About blogging

A blog post can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours to produce, depending on what you’re blogging about. If you want to start blogging, obviously you’ll need a blog first.

If you don’t have one, no worries, My Rainbow Network offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to create a FREE contributor account and promote their content on My Rainbow Network.

Are you up for the challenge?

Register for a free contributor account, and signup for my 60 Day Blog Challenge.

Every week for two months you’ll be given x3 subjects to research and write a 500-1000 word media blog. If your posts attract enough interests and followers, we will help you create your own blog, free of charge on My Rainbow Network’s private servers. You will also be given exclusive access to My Rainbow Network’s, Hero portal and affiliates network, to help you monetise your blog, and raise funding for the social causes you care about to.

Are you ready to start blogging?

1 – Sign up for a Contributor Account

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2 – Create excellent content

Once you have an account, you must add high-quality content. Read more A few Blogging Tips.

3 – Build and promote your brand

In order to make money, you have to have visitors, but in order to have visitors, you must have content worthwhile to visit. We will show you how to promote your articles and blog, as well as how to start building sincere, no-strings-attached relationships via social media, commenting, forums, promoting others and the like.

4 – Choose and implement streams of income

Bloggers often use common blogs as billboards to promote their own content and research, My Rainbow Network can help streamline these resources out to the rainbow community, and our allies.

Our goal is to promote education, diversity and equality in the community, through;

  • Blogs
  • Display Ads
  • Private Ads
  • Giveaways & Reviews
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Affiliate Marketing

We are also constantly exploring new ways to make money, so we can help fund our social enterprise model, that gives back to the community and causes who support disadvantaged and underserviced youth. Even a small trickle of money coming from various places over time, can really add up and help us streamline support to the rainbow community.

Share Your Opinions

One of the most powerful ways to get some kind of a reaction from readers is to share your opinion.

Doing so will automatically trigger your readers to think about their own opinions and whether they agree with you – and more often than not you’ll find at least a few of them will let you know if they do, or don’t!

Most bloggers use their blogs to build their own profile – but when you use your blog to help your readers to build their profile and achieve their own goals something special can happen.

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Victor van der Meer

Founder & Director of My Rainbow Net Pty. Ltd.

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