Intersex Day of Solidarity

The Intersex Day Project promotes human rights actions for Intersex Awareness Day (26 October) and Intersex Day of Solidarity (8 November), and documents and shares the histories and works of the intersex movement.

All materials are currently available in English and Spanish (or, in some cases, translation is in progress).

The Intersex Day Project was established in 2015 by Morgan Carpenter (Australia), with Laura Inter (Mexico).

We gratefully acknowledge the important contribution of Betsy Driver and Emi Koyama(US) in founding Intersex Awareness Day in 2004.

We gratefully honour the vital contribution of Morgan Holmes, Max Beck and friends, who took part in the event, in Boston in 1996, that is marked by Intersex Awareness Day.

Join in on social media

Talk about intersex, Share resources, stories, videos and memes on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media. Try and focus on material produced from an intersex perspective. We’ll share many of these on the Intersex Day Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Flag makers can print a 900mm by 600mm flag using this PDF file: flag.pdf. This scalable vector version of the intersex flag can be resized by a designer: flag.svg.Fly a flag

Find out more about some of the symbols used to represent intersex people.

Distribute flyers or posters

Your local intersex-led organizations may have materials that can be downloaded and distributed.

What can you do after Intersex Awareness Day is over?

There is still time for action before Intersex Day of Solidarity on 8 November! There is still time to act after the two Intersex Days.

Share the UN Fact Sheet on Intersex, and international statements by intersex-led organisations with your local human rights and health bodies. Share the website United Nations for Intersex Awareness.

Follow intersex-led organizations on social media and share their posts.

Raise funds for your local intersex-led organization.

Local organizations

A listing of intersex-led organizations.

Images to share

Find images to share on our Facebook page:

Images for Intersex Awareness Day

Images for Intersex Day of Solidarity

Basic information on intersex

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