LGBT+ Gender Diversity In Schools (Poll)

Should children and adolescents be educated in school about gender diversity, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues?

Specifically, opponents argue that children who learn about LGBT issues in school will engage in same-sex practices or even become homosexual, bisexual, or trans* themselves;

Schools force a particular view on children that stands in contrast to the heteronormative, religious, and/or political views of parents;

Teachers act as role models and change the sexual orientation and gender identity of their students. This systematic literature review aims to offer evidenced-based answers to these arguments on the grounds of biological, sociological, psychological, and educational research.

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  1. Should LGBT issues be apart of sexual education at school?

    This is a question many governments and educational policymakers discuss in their process of reforming relationships and sex education. However, these reform plans face resistance from parents, religious groups, and political parties. 

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