The Uniting Church of Australia will allow same-sex marriages in their churches

The Uniting Church of Australia has announced that it will allow same-sex marriages to take place in their churches, after a vote to its national assembly, who voted in favour of same-sex marriage.

Uniting Network Australia welcomes the decision of the 15th Assembly to allow the marriage of two people in the witness and life of its church On Friday night 13th July, the National Assembly of the Uniting Church resolved to allow Ministers freedom to choose to conduct the weddings of any two people under a new definition of marriage which is to be held equally with the current definition of marriage and reflects the diversity of belief on this issue within the Uniting Church.

Uniting Network Australia reminds members of the UCA and wider community that 3 years ago the 14th Assembly affirmed that the Uniting Church seeks to be an inclusive church that embraces LGBTIQ people as full members of our church community. “For Christians, marriage is the freely given consent and commitment in public and before God of two people to live together for life. It is intended to be the mutually faithful life-long union of two people expressed in every part of their life together.

Addressing LGBTQ members of the church, she said: “I know that this conversation is painful and difficult for you.” Palmer then addressed ministers who did share the view of inclusiveness, saying: “We also acknowledge those who for whatever reason have not been able to support this change – and your pain and difficulty in this space. We do however acknowledge that across the church there is a diversity of beliefs in regards to marriage and some parts of our church wish to hold their current understanding. This is one step further towards full equality within our church and we will continue to advocate for LGBTIQ people, couples and rainbow families as we journey together.

“In marriage two people seek to encourage and enrich each other through love and companionship, experience the fruitfulness of family, contribute to the well-being of society and strengthen the mission of the church. “In giving themselves to each other in love, two people reflect the love of Christ for his Church. In marriage, two people are called to live together faithfully, and to love each other with respect, tenderness and delight.

“They share the life of a wider family and community and may be entrusted with the gift and care of children. They help to shape a society in which human dignity and happiness may flourish and abound. “Marriage is not to be entered into lightly or selfishly, but responsibly and in the love of God. It is a gift of God and a way of life that all people should honour.”


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